Guest Blog: Predictive Coding, Storytelling and God: Narrative Understanding in e-Discovery

e-Discovery Team ®

Editor’s Introduction: This is a guest blog by Lawrence Chapin, Simon Attfield, and Efeosasere Okoro. Larry is one of my e-Discovery Team Training program graduates who is an attorney in New York City engaged in managing complex e-Discovery projects for a global e-discovery provider. He can be reached by email at chapin5@naxs.netSimon holds a PhD and is a  Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction at the Middlesex University Department of Computer Science and Technology in London. He can be reached by email at is a Masters’ student in Simon’s Department at Middlesex. This is the paper the authors presented at the DESI V workshop held in Rome, Italy on June 13, 2013.

DESI stands for Discovery of Electronically Stored Information, and, as you might expect, DESI V is the fifth such international workshop. A previous guest blog, Quick Peek at the Math Behind the Black Box of…

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